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Wow, Even The Beatles Are Hard To Pin Down

13 October 2008

Oh, for the love of apple scruffs, can't we have reasonably reliable and consistent performance information freely available for The Beatles?!

Let's look at "Good Day Sunshine". says George Harrison played lead guitar on "Good Day Sunshine".  There's no guitar at all on that recording as far as I can tell.  (Maybe it's referring to guitar that was recorded and then not used?) says Ringo sang lead on "Good Day Sunshine".  Um, no.

The information at seems plausible on the subject of who played what on "Good Day Sunshine"  but wow, is that an ugly site.  Don't judge a book by its cover, I suppose.  Minor quibble:  It doesn't have credits for the handclaps.

The three sites above, by the way, all disagree as to which Beatles are and are not singing on "Eleanor Rigby".

Guess I ought to go to the library or a bookstore (online or otherwise) and get a copy of The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions book.