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Less-Than-Momentary Lack Of Authoritative Discography Information

29 September 2008

You'd think of all the bands out there with an insane following that would meticulously detail who played what on each track, Pink Floyd would be near the top.  But I can't find authoritative information on Momentary Lapse of Reason.  Granted, that may be their most-loathed release.

Still, you'd think the detailed fan sites and other sources of information would mostly agree on stuff.

Wikipedia says Jon Carin and Carmine Appice played on "Dogs Of War".

But an admirably-detailed French site says no Carin on keyboards but Bob Ezrin instead, and maybe it was Appice on drums or maybe it was Jim Keltner or Nick Mason instead.

And as I check more sources, I get more conflicting stories (although it is at least becoming clear that Appice did play on "Dogs Of War" and nothing else from the album).