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Music Routes 2.0

15 January 2015

I’ve rewritten Music Routes to generate playlists based on data in Freebase. The playlists include YouTube videos. I used Paper Elements from the Polymer Project to get a Material Design look for the new Music Routes.

Introducing Music Routes 2.0

On the home screen, you are asked to enter a musical artist. You will be presented with a track that you can accept or reject. If you reject a track, another is found. If you accept it, then a performer from that track is selected to connect that track to the next track. Again, you can accept or reject the suggested track.

It is simple, but it can also be fascinating. I have discovered a lot of great music with this tool. I’ve also discovered a lot of trivia that can be used to annoy my friends. “The drummer on this Megadeth record also played with Paul Anka. And Frank Zappa. And Herbie Hancock. And Clay Aiken.”

(If you’re wondering, that would be Vinnie Colaiuta.)