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Your Discography Help Requested: Martin Denny, et al.

15 October 2009

Some burning questions that got buried at the bottom of the last Listening Party post:

#1: Martin Denny, "Burma Train" on the album Primitiva: Is this personnel listing in Music Routes correct?  If not, what is the correct personnel listing?  It doesn't sound to me like all those people are on the track. I'm guessing that's actually the personnel list for the entire album and not everyone listed is on that track.

#2: What is the complete list of musicians that recorded the stereo version of Martin Denny's Exotica? Does it include John Kramer?  Or is Kramer only on the mono version?

#3: Is there a recording that has both John Kramer and Julius Wechter? I suppose if Kramer is on the stereo version of Exotica, then that would be one.  Anything else?