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Led Zeppelin - Robert Plant + Steven Tyler = ???

01 November 2008

Rumor has it that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith recently jammed with members of Led Zeppelin, perhaps auditioning to take the place of Robert Plant for some possible upcoming shows.

With the data currently entered into Music Routes, Steven Tyler is six steps from Robert Plant.  Oddly, the route goes through Cher.

I suspect the route could be shortened if reliable track-by-track personnel data were available for The Honeydrippers: Volume One.

UPDATE: The good news is I did it!  Now it's only five steps and the Cher track is not in the path. The bad news is that "The Dogs Of War" (winner, according to Wikipedia, of a Pink Floyd fanzine's poll on which of Pink Floyd's songs is their worst) is in the route.

UPDATE: The route is now down to two steps. But the link is the Canadian contribution to We Are The World (called "Tears Are Not Enough" and credited to Northern Lights).  This just keeps getting weirder.